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Importance of Pest Control in Food & Beverage Industry:
No matter how bad the economy gets, the food and beverage industry will always flourish. While that holds true, these establishments that are not able to maintain the most important parameters like hygiene, will not be able to stand the test of growing competition. It is proven that due to the unhygienic conditions of many of the restaurants in India, 40% of the population is affected by food-borne diseases.
No matter how delicious your food is or how economically it is priced, a rat in the restaurant or a cockroach in the gravy can send your restaurant into doldrums. Jukaso understands this.
Hence, Jukaso has developed a highly advanced HACCP based food safe program which:
Meets all the on-site service protocol, reporting and documentation needed.
Meets the appropriate Codex Alimentarius Alinorm (Standards laid down jointly by WHO & FAO on food safety)
Meets appropriate international food standard codes
Meets accredited industry standards and best practices
Presents itself as an inherently food-safe service and/or contributing to food safety.
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