Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is special about your service?
All our employees imbibe the Jukaso Pest Control Pvt Ltd. way of honesty, entrepreneurship, responsibility and quality, thus ensuring services of the highest quality.
We have been in the business of Pest Management Services for the last 8 years and have over One Million satisfied customers spread across the country.
We introduce and experiment with new technologies in order to serve you better. The services provided by us are of the highest international standards.
Most of our services are odourless and hassle-free.
The efficacy of our services is warranted for the entire period of contract.
2. Does your chemical smell?
The Cockroach and Rodent Services are odourless.
Termite and Woodborer services have a mild smell.
In case of Bed Bugs we request our customers to keep away from the treated area for 4 hours until ventilated as children, asthmatic patients and pregnant women may be sensitive to the chemical used for this treatment.
3. For how long is the treatment effective?
For Intelligel, the treatment should be effective for 3 (for Commercial)/ 4 (for Residential) months from the date of treatment. For Bedbugs, you will not face the bedbug problem during the contract period. Our technician will inspect and provide a service without extra charge, in case you find bed bugs within the contract period.
For Woodborers, you will not face the problem of woodborers in the treated area during the contract period.
For Rodents, rats and mice are highly mobile creatures moving from place to place. Our aim is to keep the premises free of rats by trapping them and preventing their entry into your premises. However, accidental entry of rats cannot be ruled out. Our efforts are aimed to keep the premises free of rats during contract period.
For Termites, your premises are protected against termite entry. However, if any are noticed during our check-up visits, service will be provided with no extra cost to protect your valuables.
4. What services are you currently providing?
Currently we provide services against Cockroaches, Termites, Rodents, Bedbugs, Woodborers And Mosquitoes.
5. Do you provide service for pigeons, lizards, honey bees, snakes?
Currently we are providing treatments for Cockroaches, Rodents, Termites, Bedbugs and Woodborers. In future, when we come up with the treatments for pigeons, lizards and honey bees, the information will be shared with all our customers.
6. Who are your clients?
We cater to Government offices, Hospitals, Hotels, Retail Outlets, Hospitality Industry, Societies, Individual flats, Bungalows, and Commercial offices. The list of our esteemed clients include The Taj Group of hotels, Hotel Radisson, The Leela, ITC Grand Maratha, ITC The Grand Central Sheraton, Biocon, Marriott Viceroi, Symrise Industries, The Reliance Group, The Tata Group, to name a few.
7. Which is your nearest branch?
Based on your address we will inform you of the nearest city /office or service center where you can reach us.
8. How many branches you have?
* Presently We have in Noida, Gr.Noida, Delhi, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Meerut and we are provide only commercial services in any place of india.
9. Rates/ charges for the service For Residential customers:
We have standard rates for Cockroach / Bed Bug service across the country. We calculate rates based on the size of the premises. In case of Termite, Woodborer and Rodent Services, we inspect your premises and based on that report, we work out the charges. For Commercial customers: Our officer will visit your premises for an Inspection and based on that report, we work out the charges.
10. Why are your rates high?
Our rates are not high. The services provided by us are of the highest quality. We use the best of the equipments and registered chemicals of international standards. Our Technicians are given extensive in-house training and all our personnel who treat your premises are certified.
11. Is inspection necessary before the treatment?
Inspection helps the Team to identify the type of pest, its infestation level and subsequently decide the control strategy. It will also help us give you an estimate of the cost for the services.
But in cases of Cockroach and Bed Bug treatment, our Technicians will carry out the Inspection and Treatment simultaneously.
12. Will you call me when renewal is due?
Yes, you will receive a call from us well in advance before expiry of the existing contract.
13. To schedule service at specific date and time
Yes it can be done. Our officer will confirm a date and time convenient to you.
14. What is the warranty provided?
The warranty is limited to service provided till pests are under control for the contract period.
15. What is the guarantee that your treatment will be effective?
We have been in the business of Pest Management Services for more than 5 years. We have over 30,000 satisfied customers renewing the contract every year. That speaks for more than guarantee.