Pest Control Services in Gurugram

We are Jukaso pest control pvt ltd. we have been offering pest control services in Gurugram since 2015.

We are Jukaso pest control pvt ltd. We have been offering Commercial and Residential pest control services in Gurugram since 2015. Your method might be effective for the cockroaches you can see, but what about those that are hidden in crevices of your home? What you can't see, you can't attack; which is why you need expert help for cockroach pest control service in Gurugram. Cockroaches have also been known to trigger asthma. They carry bacteria that are capable of spreading diseases like dysentery, food poisoning and diarrhea. They produce an oily liquid that stains the places it is secreted at and it also has a very bad odour. Choose Jukaso over conventional methods for Commercial Pest control services in Manesar Gurugram - our method is to eradicate the root of the problem, rather than just eliminate surface nuisances.

Why Choose Jukaso for pest control service in Gurugram

1. Jukaso has an Experienced technician.
2. We use modern pest control equipment.
3. We use Branded and odourless chemicals.
4. We care about the customer and the environment.
5. We are punctual about our time .
6. Guaranteed services
7. Excellent customer services (24*7 support)
8. Flexible solutions

Our services cover in Manesar Gurugram

1. Mosquito Management
2. Termites (Deemak) control service 
3.  Gel treatment for Cockroach 
4.  Rodent Management
5. Lizard management
6. Insects control
7. Sanatization services
8. Fogging services
9. Wood pest management
10. Household pest Management
11. Fly Management
12. Bedbugs Control
13.  Bee control service
14. Snake Treatment
15. Pigeon Management

Tips to secure your home from pests.

Do you know pest are love dark and hidden spot of your house and Office? because the dark place gives her opportunity to habitat and fertility to grow her progeny. we give you some tips how to secure your home from pest.
1. Clean your house Regularly, especially dark hidden places like spaces under the bed
2. Remove extra newspapers, cardboard and unnecessary things.
3.  You know Cockroaches and ants prefer to be near the kitchen so regularly clean your kitchen and make sure there are no traces of food every day.

Our Service Location in Gurugram.

We cover All Location of Gurugram Mainly Sushant Lok-1, Nirvana Country, Gurgaon Sector 82, Gurgaon Sector 54, Palam Vihar, Golf Course Extension Road, DLF City, Sohna Road, MG Road, Nirvana Country, South City, Golf Course Extension Road, Sector 23 etc.

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